$upport your Indie

As you may or may not know, making independent comic books is a labor intensive task that requires allot of time and commitment.  Here at CE Publishing Group we would much rather having our fans reading than not reading our books.  This places a publisher in a bit of a quandary.  The experiential evidence shows that if we were to charge for our books even a paltry $1.00 per book we will see very few comic sales.  Not at all because our books are not “good enough”, but because readers are often skeptical when it comes to spending their hard earned dollars on a small publisher.

However, if we give our books away for FREE like we do for over 1,500 pages to our readers, we will gain over 1,000 readers for an equivalent single paid book reader.  So we have chosen to have fans over “funds” so to speak.

But what if we did have any funding?  What amazing things could we do with them?  Lots…!  Any and all funds donated will be utilized directly to website hosting and development of our publishing services.

If you like all of the thousands of free comic reading pages that we give you please feel free to let us know.  If you have the funds, think about possibly sharing a buck or two (or more if you REALLY like us).  If you do not have any $ to share, that’s perfectly AOK.  You can still help us out by simply commenting on our website, or checking out our advertising supporters.

CE Publishing gives you MORE!  Help us to continue living this dream and help comic creators all over the world to bring their best stories to the limelight.  Click on the “Donate” button below.  Thanks!