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Hello Everybody!

We are really excited to release the new MEGABOOK M4 anthology book!  During the process of preparing this book I had a bit of an epiphany…

Most of our books are free.  But some readers may have the means and may want to support their favorite publications.  But we want our books to be Free to anyone who wants to read them because we do not want to limit our readership based on finances. Basically we would rather HAVE readers than NOT HAVE readers.  Stories are meant to be shared.

So our fabulous digital distributor DriveThru Comics has provided us with a middle ground option with their “Pay What You Want” option.

Pay What You Want

MEGABOOK M4 Pay What You Want

All of these books are STILL FREE…  Yes, they are $0.00

So please just input 0.00 to obtain your comic books for Free.

But if you would like to help out this indie publication, you can help expand our publishing offerings by inputting whatever funds you would like.  Any and all funding contributed to this publisher will be used to re-invest in our publishing capabilities.

Thank You for supporting CE Publishing Group!  Whether you read our books for free or not, you are a much valued reader and we hope to keep you reading our amazing comic books!

Your Friend and Fan!

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