MEGABOOK M4 Trade Paperback is HERE!!!

Well, it’s been a looong time coming, but MEGABOOK M4 is finally in PRINT!

We received a package on New Year’s eve day an inside was the first 4 copies of M4! The 292 page book is now in print and I have to tell you it really looks amazing!

M4 Proof Package

Surprise! M4 Proof package!

Yeah! REAL Books!

What’s Inside? Awesome M4 Books!


I have to tell you it’s pretty incredible to be flipping through a book of our own creating that is the size of an Essentials or Showcase book!  I’ve printed comic floppies before which is really cool.  But this is really amazing!

This book took only 8 revisions to get properly formatted for printing.  Making a 292 page book like this is about as intricate a project as I have ever published.  But I think we finally have all the details figured out.

The M4 trade paperback has a matte finish cover which feels great and makes the artwork of the cover just jump out and grab you.  The spine has MEGABOOK M4 on it along with the new CEPG.  And the thing is HEAVY, just as I thought it would be.  The interior is B/W and all of our contributor’s artwork is just stunning!  Far better than I could even imagine!  The interior pages are all full bleed and the image resolution is fabulous!

This book will be available as soon as I get a couple of minor revisions (yes rev 9) uploaded and approved.  The TPB book will be available on Amazon and Createspace for only $12 which is a great deal, especially if you have Prime which I believe may get you free shipping.

We all hope you will enjoy the monster we have created.  Be on the lookout for links and details to book ordering coming very soon!

Thanks everybody for your support!
Your Friend and Fan,

Pretty Pic of Mike

Mike’s Public reception of M4 TPB…

Sheesh this is AWESOME!

Mike’s ACTUAL pic of M4 TPB unveiling…



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2 Comments on “MEGABOOK M4 Trade Paperback is HERE!!!
  1. MEGABOOK M4 looks so great. I was most impressed with the section page artwork and the Cover Artwork. I like the variety of stories.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks! We are REALLY liking the results of the printed book. It’s our first BIG print book and very exciting for sure! Thanks for reading!

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