M4 Interviews at Black Ship Books!


M4 Chapter artwork teaser by Orlando Baez and Mike Rickaby


MEGABOOK, the thunderously huge Free comic book anthology is getting ready to give birth to our M4 issue!  M4 is quickly wrapping up and the anticipation is killing me to share this incredible book with you.  One of our stalwart creators, the fabulous Marcus E.T. has started the long list of M4 creator interviews at Black Ship Books!  Out of the gate we have the amazing Andrew M. Henderson, Nathan Slack, Troy Vevasis, James Andrew Clark, David Soto Brown, Martin Malin and the amazing cover artist Paul Knipfer!

Learn more about these amazing creators and their comic projects and amazing facts about their alter egos.  More amazing creators on the way!

Is your screen shaking and do you hear thundering footsteps in the distance?  It’s MEGABOOK M4 stomping towards the CE Publishing comic stand!

Also, check out the amazing artwork by MEGABOOK Superstar Orlando Baez and yours truly.  Orlando pencilled all of the M4 chapter artwork and I inked and colored them.  Check out our Facebook page to see the other 7 chapter artwork pages and be prepared for even MORE amazing surprises!
M4 Chapter Artwork on Facebook!

You can find out more about MEGABOOK from it’s roots of our M1 issue at our Hubpage.  MEGABOOK M1!
You can also read issues M1, M2 & M3 for FREE by clicking on the MEGABOOK page above.

Troy Vevasis

MEGABOOK M4 Superstar! Troy Vevasis

Paul Knipfer

MEGABOOK M4 Superstar! Paul Knipfer

Nathan Slack

MEGABOOK M4 Superstar! Nathan Slack

Martin Malin

MEGABOOK M4 Superstar! Martin Malin

James Andrew Clark

MEGABOOK M4 Superstar! James Andrew Clark

David Soto Brown

MEGABOOK M4 Superstar! David Soto Brown

Andrew M. Henderson

MEGABOOK M4 Superstar! Andrew M. Henderson


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11 Comments on “M4 Interviews at Black Ship Books!
  1. Hello!

    From what I gather your website is dedicated to a specific comic book series, correct? As someone unfamiliar with this comic book series, I found it difficult to understand exactly what your site is trying to accomplish.

    I don’t think you’re trying to sell the book (because it’s free, right?). I guess I’m having a difficult time digesting the content.

    I went to your home page to try to understand what this is all about, and I left with more questions than I entered with :-)

    I think my biggest suggestion would be to try to imagine yourself as someone unfamiliar with megabook, etc. and take a look at your website to ensure that the content will draw the reader in.

    In the end, your website design works in your niche, more power to you. However, you might be able to draw more people into your niche if you make the content more accessible to people who enjoy comics, but haven’t yet been exposed to works like megabook.

    I hope that helps!

    • Hello Robert!

      Thanks for stopping by to check us out! Yes, I often forget that not everybody that visits knows about what/who we are. Basically we provide publishing opportunities for comic book creators where there is not much in the industry. We give our books away to generate interest in the stories we have to tell.
      Here is a Hubpage I wrote about MEGABOOK that may help a bit.

      Learn More about MEGABOOK

      I’m planning on incorporating more of my old hubpage content into the website where people can learn more tips on how to publish and create comics in general. It’s the next stage in the metamorphosiss.
      Here’s a complete profile for some of the Comic articles I’ve written:

      Mike Rickaby’s Comic Hubpages

      Your comments and suggestions are fabulous and I greatly appreciate them. Thanks so much for taking the time to provide valued input.

  2. Hi Ce Publishing Group,

    I enjoyed reading the interviews they all were great.After reading your interviews I feel like I was right there the whole time. Keep up the good work and keep updating us and all the new stuff before it hits the shelves at the stores.

    Yours Truly,


    • Thanks Carlton! Appreciate the read for sure! Don’t forget you can get tons of free comic reading at our DriveThru, MyDigitalComics, Emanga and SmashWords links! You Rock!

  3. i really like the artwork. lol i wish i could do something like that. A friend of mine actually was into comics and drawings and whatnot. he was teaching me how to but i guess I’m more into just admiring. Kudos to you my friend. Your drawings are pretty dope.

    • Thanks Toni! The artwork here is a result of allot of people’s work. Thanks for stopping by to admire. I’m working on the website to make it better. Comic maker I am, website builder still a toddler… Don’t forget to read all of our totally free comics! They are awesome!

  4. This is pretty cool, but too much vivid imagery. It draws the attention away from the content and to the photos, almost making a chapter book seem like a picture book. I don’t even know what “MegaBook!” is, which makes it really difficult being I must read and re read then I am still missing stuff and a bit confused.

    The way to make money as an affiliate requires you to sell something, and if I people can’t focus enough just to become informed, how can they come to the conclusion of making a purchase.?

    Zach Campbell (Owner)
    Market Merchant (MM+)

    • Thanks for the insight MM! I’m working on it, the website that is… I have a long ways to go and really do appreciate the advice. We’re not really selling anything here, just sharing really fabulous comic book stories for free.

      I’ll make a point from here on out to give more background for new website visitors. But the distracting pictures are kindof the point to comics. But I see your point that there is a balance… M

  5. Not sure if I understand what megabook is about. is it a comic? a book or a game or some cartoon?
    I know you are passionate about it but I didn’t understand what it means.. I really hope people who are used to megabook will pick up your valuable points. This may not be my interest but I wish you the best.

  6. Hey!

    What a great collaborative marketing idea! I am pleased to learn that you’re featuring the works of so many talented comic book artists and helping them get out into the public eye. A grand concept!

    As a fan of the early Marvel array of characters, I am in awe of this kind of work. Best of luck to you all!

    • Thanks Netta!
      We really do appreciate our fans, and your assessment of our mission is great! I myself was a Marvel/DC/Charlton only kid. So re-discovering the non-mainstream indies of the 80’s-90’s has been a passion of mine since I started CEPG in 2005.
      Speaking of Grand Concept… We’re going to have a truckload of reprint Harrier books loading the shelves in the coming year, along with revivals for new stories for both Harrier and Lightning comics!
      The turtle moves slowly but finishes the race….

      Thanks for your words of encouragement!

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