Fritesite Promo in Comic Heroes #27

The current edition of Comic Heroes #27 has a write-up for Martin Malin’s FRITESITE!  Thanks alone to Martin’s tireless efforts to market this amazing book!  So all I can say is great things come to those who are patient and take every opportunity to get our great indies out there for the public to see.  You can get the first two issues of Fritesite at DriveThru!  See the Fritesite page above.
Below is a scan of the Fritesite promo.

Fritesite in Comic Heroes #27

Fritesite in Comic Heroes #27


Comic Heroes is I believe the only comic interview and review magazine left in print. Issue #27 is 148 pages long and $16.99.  Martin says that you can get your copy at your local Barnes & Noble or order from Amazon.  Or you can subscribe or order single issues at My Favorite Magazines UK

Thanks to Comic Heroes for supporting this great little indy!


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