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I’m a big fan of sharing creator opportunities and different ways for authors and artists to publish their talent to the public.  I had the opportunity to submit some of my “freetime” artwork to a fabulous speculative fiction publisher called Betwixt Magazine.  I was lucky enough to have a painting appearing on the cover of their fall issue #9.

Here is a copy of the cover, you can click on it to read the free online issue or purchase an ebook or POD copy if you would like.

Get Betwixt #9 HERE!

Get Betwixt #9 HERE!

Speculative fiction is a great way for new talent to break into the indie scene.  You can find just about any niche of spec fiction out there that will match your style of work.  This is actually my second cover for a spec fiction publisher.  The first was for the former Mindflights magazine a couple years ago.

For writers I feel this is a great way to adapt any un-used comic scripts to story form and maybe even make some money in the process.  As a publisher I see allot of writers out there without a creative team and Spec Fiction can help bridge the gap to getting your work in print.  And the same goes for artists too.  Un-used artwork can be “recycled” by submitting it to SF publishers.

Here is a old but great list of Speculative Fiction publishers.  Some are defunct, but it gives a great place to start your search.  Some publishers you have to work your way up to, but submitting anyhow doesn’t cost you anything but a lost opportunity.
Speculative Fiction Markets

You can learn more about Speculative Fiction and some other ideas for breaking into the writing industry at my Hub page.

Good Luck with your Submissions!
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  1. Great info! Wish this type of stuff was around when I got out of high school. I was really into super heroes. I couldn’t draw but I could create characters & write stories for them. Thanks for sharing this info. I’m sure there are a lot of people that could use this info.

  2. Interesting site. I never heard of speculative fiction. But it does seem interesting just by the graphic of the photo. Well made site, good content. I feel like now I have to go and do some research on this genre. Keep up the good work and keep putting up new content.

    • Thanks Brandon! Greatly appreciate it. Yeah Spec Fiction has been around for a very long time, since Analog and Asimov’s World, and it’s becoming even easier to see up and coming writing talent. A great resource for some fun and entertaining reading…

  3. Hi Mike Rickaby,
    Wow I can’t believe you got your artwork on the cover of the speculative fiction magazine! Thats BAd A. I am proud to like be commenting on this post right now. Good stuff. I like it by the way haha. It seems like a pretty cool and fun read, that magazine. I imagine you are into Star Wars too! I hope you are seeing that this month!

    • Thanks Billy! Really appreciate your comments! Yeah it was a complete surprise to get the cover spot. I submitted just for the fun of it. So now I’ll be snooping around the internet some more….
      We will definitely be in line for Star Wars, that’s for sure!
      Thanks for dropping by!

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