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The month of October is #PoweredByIndie on Amazon.  I checked out the landing page at and the most obvious thing is that there are no comic books there…  Hmmm…  Maybe we can change that.

So what does it mean to be an Indie creator?  The best part is that we as creators and independent publisher are under no constraints whatsoever from any other entities or overlords.  We publish what we want, when we want, and how we want.  This modern age of self publishing has truly unleashed creators and leveled the potential between the “haves” and “have not’s”.  No longer do we need to submit to publishers in hopes of a reply.

The mere thought that a humble indie creator has the possibility to share their stories with the masses and become successful is truly within their own grasp.  The only failure is in NOT taking advantage of the abundant free resources and services that Amazon offers.  There simply is no excuse to not publish your books!

Over the years we at CEPG have published over 29 titles at various distributors.  And now we have become empowered to not only widen our distribution network with Amazon, but also publish digitially and in PRINT!  We have soo much more in the pipeline it’s staggering.  So be patient, there are amazing surprises in the pipeline, we can’t wait to share them.

Right now we’re just beginning in the Amazon publishing adventure with MEGABOOK M3 & M4, but it is rapidly becoming a staple in our diet for all of our books.  Our formatting is changing to fit both digital and print sizing, and we are streamlining the publishing process to simplify and accelerate our production.

Please check out our print and digital versions on Amazon!  We hope to be the first comic anthology feature on #PoweredByIndie

MEGABOOK on Amazon!

Help MEGABOOK to Powered by Indie!

Help MEGABOOK to Powered by Indie!


So stay tuned…  CEPG gives you MORE!

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