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Hello MEGABOOK Minions!

It’s that time again to start thinking about submitting stories for MEGABOOK M4. But First let me say a huge THANKS to all of you who submitted your amazing work to this humble little indie publisher for MEGABOOK M3. It has been a stunning success, and continues to spread virally throughout the internet! I will continue to do my best to help each of you get the Limelight that your hard work so richly deserves. We are definitely getting noticed and MEGABOOK is a force to recon with!

I want MEGABOOK M4 to surpass its predessors, we want to break the 600 page barrier if it’s possible. So go out and tell all your indie buddies how awesome MEGABOOK is! Those of you who submitted for MEGABOOK M1, M2 & M3, you already know the rules.

Remember everyone, that those old stories collecting dust in your closet may have been seen before by your fans, but not by MEGABOOK fans. So go digging for that golden nugget from the 90’s if you still have it. Stretch your publicity as faaaar as humanly possible so you can be widely read and appreciated. And if you are an artist looking for work, bug these pubbies below, they are all really great people to work with.

MEGABOOK Publishers

Back Row Comics
BS Comics
Gas Comics
Lightning Comics(through CE Publishing)
Red Leaf Comics
Red Lion Publications
Redbud Studios
Airship 27
Surprising Comics
Twilight Star Studios
Heroic Tendencies
Horror Flix
Wyldcard Studios
Pinwheel Press
Demon Fist
Heroes of the North
Fallen Manga Studios
Wave Entertainment
CE Publishing Group

Details, Details…. What I need from you, and answers to some questions
Please make sure that I have all of the following information for each of your story submissions.

– Names of all artists and writers to be credited as they should appear in the MEGABOOK M4 index.

– Pages to be formatted to standard Kablam comic page format (not necessarily that we would be using them, just a nice format page, see attached) just in case we decided to make a hardcopy version of this book. See attached file. 300 dpi resolution, .tiff, jpg or eps format. Preferrably .tiff.

– Contact CE Publishing at to get your dropbox access to upload files for review and publication

– Publishers please send me a copy of your logo so I can place it on the cover of the book.

– Every story gets a free ad page. So if you’d like one to sport your services as an artist/writer or publisher. You can have one (or more with approval) ad page for additional stories as a gold star prize (more than 1 page submissions please, no cheaters). Ads must follow the publishing rules as stated below for story publication.

– MEGABOOK will be submitted to DriveThru Comics (and more) on or around
July 4, 2015. So please send your stories in as soon as possible. If you can, please have your stories in by June 15, 2015, so that I’ll have some time to finish formatting the monster… The order of the book stories will be whoever submits stories first. So don’t be lazy, get your stories in early!

– Please DO NOT number your pages in your graphic, but DO number them in your file name.

Rules for MEGABOOK!
1. You own your own work. I don’t want to own it, I have enough of my own stuff to keep track of, but I want to help you get your work published. You may publish your works in as many different publications as you wish, I don’t care. I’m just privileged to have you aboard the MEGABOOK!

2. Some of you may know each other from past lives. Good, bad or otherwise, please be courteous to all of the members involved with MEGABOOK. All I know is that you are all my friends and that’s good enough for me. Please promote and encourage all members of this new MEGABOOK society.

3. NO foul language. What I mean is basically no “F” words. Shit, Damn, Crap, Holy Shit, Nards, etc. light cussing allowable but sparingly. Keep your cursing to a PG-13 rating if possible. Remember that you are publishing stories that may be read by young readers.

4. BLOOD, GUTS, GORE, and GUNS are highly encouraged. This book is about all out ACTION, Mystery, Horror and Heroes!  And well, all the stuff in between…

5. NO SEX! NO NUDITY! Some skin is meeh, ok, (ex: read MEGABOOK M1 thru M3). Keep it as clean as possible. PLEEEZ. Think about if you’d like any of your family members or maybe how about your MOM to read MEGABOOK. I don’t want to have to answer to complaints. Especially from your MOM!

6. For writing submissions with follow up artwork… Just because your script is approved doesn’t mean the artwork is approved. I must approve a completed story prior to publication. And CE Publishing is NOT going to produce the artwork for your script. Sorry, I just don’t have enough time.

7. You must be the owner or approved team representative for your story. If any dispute arises from any art team members or said claimants to your story, it will be pulled immediatly from the publication. So please, make sure all of your team members are on board prior to your MEGABOOK submission.

8. The Publisher, CE Publishing Group, Mike Rickaby has the right to NOT print anything if he doesn’t want to. But he is a nice guy as long as you play by the spirit and intent of the above rules we’ll get along fine. Overlord Mike may change the rules as needed to clarify your subserviant status to the MEGABOOK EMPIRE!

9.  Payment?  Haha got your attention there…  This digital book is free, so no dinero to share unfortunately…  Just fame and glory.  However…  Our print edition will be offered to creators at a significant discount, and the possibility of making a few bucks is available for some hard workers.  More details on the print edition are in the works. Stay posted.

OK everyone, that’s it for now. Again thanks for your participation! I know this will be a MASSIVE success for us all! If you don’t make it into this book it’s OK, there will be another one. So don’t give up on seeing your stories in print! I will be sending out updates on status and nag you for your artwork in the coming weeks.

Your Friend and Fan,
Mike Rickaby
Copyright 2015 CE Publishing Group




on “How to get into MEGABOOK!
15 Comments on “How to get into MEGABOOK!
    • Thanks! I hope that you enjoy our books! There are allot of them and more than 1500 pages of free reading. With MORE to come! I’m polishing off MEGABOOK M4 right now and it will be available in both digital (for FREE) AND print (almost free)…!

  1. I know this might be a ludicrous question to put to you right now, seeing as MEGABOOK 4 is on its way but when is MEGABOOK 5 happening? and when do submissions open? I HAVE to be in MEGABOOK 5! haha, thank you in advance for your time and all the hard work you guys have done on the MEGABOOKS, love them all!!!!

    • Hello Michael! Great to have you along for the ride! Yes, I’m finishing M4 as we speak, but M5?… Hmmm Not Ludicrous at all… Well I would like to definitely get another one out for Christmas or possibly Easter… We’ll see. Shoot me an email so you can get on the Megaphile list. There is ALLOT coming down the CE Publishing pipe and I’m trying to get a handle on it. We will be having some exciting news about some new Lightening announcements and some big additions for Fuerza 7 and Fritesite!
      You’re going to LOVE M4! It’s not as big as it’s older brothers, but the quality of the prepress this time is amazing…!

  2. Hi,
    I have not heard of Megabooks before. So, if I read this correctly, you take a lot of different stories and put them all in one book, correct? Are they long or short stories? I plan on reading the previous books when I have some time. Can’t wait! :)
    ~ Melinda

    • Hello Melinda,
      Yeah, I’ll be adding some brief on what MEGABOOK is. Yes, these are massive anthologies containing hundreds of creators hard work.
      There are 990 pages among the M1 thru M3 issues alone. And M4 is going to be around 300 pages as well, and all Free. Everything in the mix, short and long stories, prose, action, horror, humor & heroes. And there is more on any of our distributors at DriveThru, Emanga, MyDigitalComics and panel books at SmashWords. Well over 1,500 pages to read and more to come!

      Thanks for your comments,

  3. What is Megabook I never heard of it maybe a nice brief intro into what it is in the beginning of the post for the people who don’t understand your niche will work. Anyways what I did like were the pictures of the artwork that was done. Anyways good luck and hope you keep on with your venture.

    • Hello Brandon,
      Thanks for the comments and advice. I’ll be adding a brief as you suggested. And some more brief to the MEGABOOK page where the first 3 issue links can be found. I forget that not everybody knows what the anthology is about. We all like the art allot too. The new M4 book will be out on the stands for Halloween!

      Thanks again!

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